• 5 Situations When A Donor-Advised Fund Is A Great Choice

    Is now the time to set up a donor-advised fund? This charitable vehicle may sound like something that is reserved for people with much more money than you, but it can be a great solution for ordinary people in a variety of situations. What are some of these circumstances that may make a donor-advised fund the right move? Here are some to consider.  1. You Had a Windfall Did you inherit (or will you inherit) a large lump sum?
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  • Why Is Bitcoin a Smart Investment?

    If you are looking for new ways to invest, you've surely come across the option of buying Bitcoin. This virtual currency has been around for over a decade now, and while it used to be an investment only for the most tech-savvy of folks, banks, and investment venues are now making it easier than ever for the everyday person to invest in Bitcoin. But why should you invest in Bitcoin?
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