The Visionary Catalyst Consulting Firm is a consulting firm run by  Kimberly Houston-Bryant.  She holds degrees in Organizational Development, Marketing, and Adult Training & Development.  In addition, she is a certified Pastry Chef and Instructor with over ten years of entrepreneurship under her belt.

The Visionary Catalyst Experience is dedicated to helping women in business thrive, instead of just surviving.  Kimberly Bryant holds a special place in her heart for women who are branching out and following their dreams.  Her drive, passion, and dedication to female entrepreneurs are unprecedented.  As a former single mother, Kimberly understands the pressures of balancing work, life, and purpose

We want you to feel at home.  We want you to feel educated and to have a village in which you can soar.  To join our facebook community please click here.

What we offer:

As a village builder, my team is unmatached in skill and ability.  Each person is hand chosen with varying backgrounds and they each have a specific niche that they are in charge of.  We will evaluate your company (if established) or help you become established if need be.  We create packages that will elevate you to work at optimal precision.  Our services include a variety of business plans, marketing plans, web design, and social media campaigns. 

We can customize full-service packages that include website design, logo design, business planning, online & print marketing and social media management.  We understand each company is different and we want to create packages based on your budget for where you are in business.


We offer a free 25 min consultation after completing our online form.


For those looking for help in getting started you can enroll in our online courses to DIY your business and marketing plans.

For access to our online courses, you can join the Marketing 101 class here.